dog-sickYour Doylestown Township Parks and Recreation Department and the Doylestown Dog Park Advisory Commission worked quickly last Wednesday when we received word of cases of kennel cough among dogs belonging to our park. We consulted with local veterinarians with close ties to our park and learned that there was a general increase in kennel cough throughout our area.

One vet’s office, DAMC, donated a medical-grade disinfectant that kills kennel cough, and I joined members of the dog park advisory commission to roll up our collective sleeves and scrub down water fountains, bowls, durable toys, some of the fencing, and other parts of the park following proper medical protocol. The vets recommended that, in addition to the scrub-down, we keep the park closed for the balance of the incubation period from the first suspected case of the disease, which is two weeks. That’s why we’ll stay closed until October 14, 2015.

Karen A. Sweeney, CPRP, CPSI, CPP
Director of Parks & Recreation
Doylestown Township

General Information Regarding Kennel Cough

What is kennel cough?

Kennel cough, or bordetella bronchiseptica, actually refers to several bacteria and viruses closely related to human whooping cough. It is transmitted dog to dog — through the air or by close contact in normal playing among dogs. It’s often self-limiting; dogs may be infected and recover by themselves. Other times antibiotics are required. Check with your vet if you have concerns about your own dog.

The Dog Park requires vaccination against bordetella, but, as with vaccinations such as human flu shots, there’s no guarantee that the specific variety of bordetella circulating every year will be covered.

What can we do to prevent kennel cough in the future?

Not much beyond usual attention of a “parent” to a “child.” If your dog seems listless or is coughing with a runny nose, please skip the dog park until he’s feeling better. If you see a dog who “seems” sick in the park, steer your dog away and talk with that dog’s owner.

A concerned member suggested we remove the water bowls in the park and just have dogs drink directly from the fountains. We checked with vets, and kennel cough transmits directly from dog to dog. Water bowls are not major transmitters. So we’ll keep the water bowls in use but we ask, as always, for member vigilance. If you’re at the park and you haven’t seen the water bowl refilled, dump it, swish it out with your hand and refill it.

Please let us know if you have concerns or if your dog gets sick.

Kennel cough transfers where dogs gather: daycare, overnight stays at kennels, groomers, and, yes, dog parks. And there seems to be an uptick in local cases of it now. We’ve disinfected our park as best we can. We hope that our quick, decisive action, and our renewed vigilance and common sense after this short-term disruption in our schedule, will help us avoid repeated closing and reopening of the park until this strain of kennel cough runs its course.

Thanks for supporting your dog park for the benefit of all our dogs.

If you are a friendly, well-behaved dog and have always wanted to go for a dip in the pool, join us Saturday, September 12, 2015!


Do you have a blue ribbon dog? Come out to the park and show off a little! This FREE event is open to the public.

When: May 30th from 10am – 12:30pm
Where: Right outside of the Doylestown dog park (membership not required)
What: A whole lot of fun!!

Categories include Most “Mixed Up” Mutt, Owner/Dog Look Alike, Strut Your Stuff, Best Snausage Catcher, Best in Show and Best “Do.”

K9 Gym demos, DAMC Ask the Vet with Dr. Sporer, Hilltown Dog Club lure coursing, Holiday House and rescue organizations will be on site. There will also be vendors, refreshments, activities, raffles and more!

Did we mention this is a FREE event?! Come out and join the fun!

BarkminsterFlyer 2015_1

Click image for printable poster!

dog-lureDoylestown Township Parks and Recreation and Hilltown Dog Club Lure Coursing have once again teamed up to offer Lure Coursing at Turk Park III (Almshouse Rd. adjacent to the dog park). Lure coursing is a fast-paced, fun chase sport for your canine friends. Dogs chase the lure (“bunny”), a white plastic bag that is attached to a line that is mechanized and controlled by a lure operator. The machine runs the line at a speed determined by the lure operator (and the dog). The run area will be enclosed by a temporary fence. All non-aggressive dogs, big or small are welcome…Come on out and give it a try!

When: April 18th & 19th (pre-registration is not required)
Where: Turk Park III (1260 Almshouse Rd., Warrington, PA 18976) just outside of the dog park
Time: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Cost: $8 – one run, $15 – two runs, $20 – three runs
Questions: Email Diane at dianelure@gmail.com
Weather: In the event of inclement weather check our website at www.doylestownrec.com for program status.

— All dogs MUST warm up prior to running. This means a nice long walk while you’re waiting for your turn.
— Dogs MUST cool down between runs. This means walking them immediately following a run and waiting at least 20 minutes between runs.
— Please cut your dog’s nails two days before running. Long nails can cause injuries.
— Please clean up after your dog, if you are caught not cleaning up, you will be asked to leave.
— Please bring plenty of water for your dogs; we do not want any thirsty runners.
— Hold onto your dog when other dogs are running. There is a lot of excitement going on.
— Please make sure your dogs are up to date on rabies vaccines.
— Absolutely no aggressive dogs allowed.
— No prong collars inside the ring
— A waiver form must be signed or on file before running your dogs

dog-carThe VIP Barking Spot is back! Tickets for the raffle are $10 each (with money raised going to the park). You can purchase them at Doylestown Township, Doylestown Borough and from DP Advisory Board members. We have one Small Dog Barking Spot and one Large Dog Barking Spot.

The drawing will be held at the first Township Board of Supervisors Meeting on January 6th, 2015. The Barking Spot is located beside the walkway to the park, opposite of the designated handicapped parking area.

Calling all ghoulish greyhounds, devilish dachshunds, poodle princesses and butterfly bulldogs; whatever the costume, we want to see your dressed-up canine! Bring your well-mannered, leashed friend and family to the park for a howling good time that celebrates our four-legged faithful friends. Pet exhibitors and rescue organizations will be there to help you find new tips and tools to care for your furry family members…maybe even you’re new BFF.

Saturday, October 25, from 10:00am – 1:00 pm., at Turk Park (adjacent to the dog park) on Almshouse Road. Participation is FREE and dog park membership is not required. Free goodie bags for the first 100 to check in. (Rain Date: Sunday – October 26th).

Don’t miss this this “pup”ular event!


Saturday, May 31st from 11:00am – 2:00pm

This event is open to the public. All healthy dogs are invited to show off their best talents and doggie attributes! (Only park members may go inside the dog park.)

Examples of categories:
— Best ears
— Most freckles
— Biggest need for a bib
— Best wiggle
— Cutest grin
— Owner and pup look alike

Doylestown Animal Medical Clinic microchip clinic 11AM to 1PM
Demos and vendors

More info (and how to register) coming soon!


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